Hospital Bag Essentials 

Sat in the nursery playing with our little mircale, I can’t help but wonder how our little human 6 months old already?! To say time passes by too quickly is an understatement. It feels like just yesterday I was shovelling skittles down my throat in between contractions!
Last summer, I reached out to fellow mums asking for advice on what to include in the hospital bag(s). I wanted to be prepared for every eventuality! I was given some fantasic ideas but also found that I didn’t use a lot of the stuff people suggested.

So here it goes….I’ve compiled a list of what I would recommend packing from personal experience . . .


Maternity notes – you really don’t want to forget those (yep – some ladies did!)

Any existing meds – I forgot my Iron tablets & it was a nightmare getting prescribed more in hospital!

Tens Machine – personal choice – I found this really helped as a method of pain relief in early labour. These are generally quite expensive so try and borrow one if you can (my very kind friend lent me hers).

Bendy Straws – for easing sipping during labour – I was parched (it isn’t called Labour for nothing ladies)!

Snacks – fruit, nuts, cereal bars, crackers etc – I was ravenous during labour! Hubby and I munched our way through half of the local Tesco Express!

Phone & Charger – good distraction whilst waiting around in early labour

Toiletries – toothbrush & toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, razor, face wipes, shower gel, perfume or body spritz (I felt rather yucky so a cheeky Spritz of Perfume really made me feel better)

Concealer – helped cover those through the night labour eye bags when visitors came

Hair care – I couldn’t think of anything worse than attempting to wash and style long hair whilst on a hospital ward with a newborn – pack dry shampoo, a hair brush & bobbles.

Lip Balm – Gas & Air can really dry your lips out

A plastic jug – just trust me on this one eh!

Nursing bras – X 2

A stash of Big knickers – I’m talking Bridget Jones style full briefs, the darker the better – this is no time for glamour ladies. Head to Primark and go two sizes up.

Maternity Pads and plenty of them – I would suggest taking two packs in with you and stock piling for when you arrive home from hospital. The last thing you want is to have to make a supermarket dash!

X 2 Nighties – just easier than PJs – again a Primark/size up job

Dressing Gown – for walking around the hospital/ward

Going home outfit – we aren’t all lucky enough to be back in our pre pregnancy jeans straight after giving birth – I took loose fitting leggings, an oversized shirt (comfy & good for breastfeeding access) and some moccs.

I was recommended Nursing pads however proper milk comes in around day 3, so they weren’t used in hospital.

A battery hand held fan was packed but never used – I preferred using hands to sip cold water/take gas and air!


Pre made/sterilised starter formula packs in case Breast feeding isn’t an option (you can pick these up in Boots for around £7).

Nappies – check out Aldi’s own Brand Mamia nappies size 1&2 – fraction of the price of leading brands and super absorbent

Water wipes – quite pricey so not great for long term use but so much more convenient in hospital than cotton wool and water. Baby wipes can be used later on but you don’t know how sensitive your little ones skin may be!

Clothes – vests and sleep suits. I would go for a mixture of New born, up to 1m and 0-3. I got caught short as I didn’t realise Alex was going to be a 9lber!

Baby Coat & Hat for going home

Baby Blanket

Car Seat – you cannot leave hospital without one!

Mamas to be ~ Good Luck & I hope you find this useful!

Love Lucy xox


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