10 Signs you are an Instagram addict 

  • You tell EVERYONE how Inferior every other social networking site is. What even is Facebook? 
  • You take every photo in square crop format just in case – easy IG uploading 🤗
  • You have a phone full of duplicate photos of things like your bath tub/cups of tea & dread loosing your phone/anyone looking through your photos for this very reason 
  • When being introduced to new people at a social gathering you are referred to as ‘Instagram {insert name here}’ by your friends  🙈 
  • You’ve almost caused yourself serious bodily injury trying to get ‘the shot’ from the right angle 
  • You give a look of horror when someone suggests you snap & post something you know isn’t Instagram material on your page 
  • Your ‘real life friends’ inbox you on Instagram as they’ve more chance of getting a reply than on whatsapp/text back 
  • Although you dare not admit it, you’ve  bought things based on their lnstagram quality . Ie luxury flower bouquets and Jo Malone candles – sure you love these things but they were never items you would buy yourself -Instagram made you do it! 
  • 90% of the reason you have a smart phone is for Instagram & the sole question at upgrade time is how good is the camera? Wait –  some people use iPhones to actually talk on the phone? 
  • You have a mini melt down when your order arrives and it’s lacking on the presentation front – fancy ice cream/latte/cocktail – instagrammability is everything! 

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