Perfect Sloe Gin

Its that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in & I’m starting to think of all things festive. Here is my fool proof recipe for what I believe to be the perfect Sloe Gin! I made this for our annual Christmas Party last year & it went down a treat. Some drank it straight whilst others added ice & tonic to enjoy as a longer drink. If you make this early September it will be ready in time for Christmas. 😃

You will need: 

Sloes (600g)

Sugar (300g) 

1 litre Gin {Highly recommend Aldi’s own brand award winning Gin which usually retails at less than £10 per bottle} 

Large Kilner style jar/bottle(s)

Muslin for straining 

Smaller glass bottles & labels 


1. Pick your Sloes! Thoroughly wash your berries, getting rid of any nasties/thorns/leaves etc. 

2. Pop the berries into the freezer, replicating the first frost! This cracks the skin to release the natural sweetness. 

3. Add the sloes into your jar or bottle, adding the sugar. 

4. Pour in the gin & shake well. 

5. Let the sloes steep in the Gin. Seal the bottle & store in a dark cupboard for 3 months, turning the bottle or jar every other day for 1 month & then weekly thereafter. 

6. Strain the liquid into smaller bottles using a Muslin. You can then decorate the neck of the bottle with ribbon & a add a tag. If you can bare to part with them, they make the perfect Christmas present for a Gin lover! 


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