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Shark Happy 

Test driving the Shark NV801UKT Duoclean Truepet model, Navy….. 

After battling with our old (hand me down) Henry Hoover for my months following the break of our previous vacuum I simply couldn’t wait to test drive this machine!I will start off by saying that the suction is just superb & I was rather shocked to see how much dust and, debris & grime it was picking up despite recently vacuuming.

It arrives complete with some dusting and crevice tools including a Pet Power Brush – great for sucking up the never ending cat fur that seems to stick to everything.

I am still suffering from postpartum hair loss and this caused my previous Vacuum to break. The Shark has preventative measures. A red light appears when you need to take action & use the easily accessible little comb to untangle/remove any hairs that become stuck.

The ball joint means it’s easy to manoeuvre with its swivel steering (especially under the beds) & I can easily reach those unusual floor angles in our Victorian Home.

All sharks come with 8m cable as standard and I find this is more than enough. If I plug it in downstairs it stretches all of the way up the stairs and onto the landing.

It boasts LED headlights which I didn’t think I would be bothered about however they are great for use in the evening. As a Toddler mum I am only really able to get housework done of a night-time and this function helps with dark corners in this period house.

This machine is perfect for use on hard floors (such as tiles and wooden flooring) as well as the carpets and rugs. You simply switch from one mode to another.

Emptying is easy too – even for me! You simply push a button to release the detachable pod (which is surprisingly lightweight) and give a shake to empty into the bin.

I would happily recommend this Shark Vacuum. This item was gifted to me but all views & opinions are my own * You can purchase the Vaccum by clicking here 😁

Love Lucy X 

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