Meet the owner 

Interviewing the Owner – series 1 

Like lots of us, I tend to do most of my shopping online these days whether it be large department stores, Ebay or via Instagram small businesses. As a working Mama with a toddler in tow I simply don’t have time to trawl around shops like I used to.

But just exactly who are the lovelies behind our favourite Insta stores? I love meet the maker or owner articles & have so much admiration for anyone who starts their own business. I’ve recently been lucky enough to collaborate with Becca over at Bramley & White. In my usual nosey fashion I asked if she could spare 5 minutes to answer some questions I had & she was kind enough to agree! 😊

Where did the store name come from?

We live in a beautiful village called Farnsfield and we are very fortunate to have a bramley apple tree in our garden. Did you know that the origins of the bramley apple tree comes from Our neighbouring village of Southwell? Our little tree is a very close cousin.

What is your Background Becca?

I went to Central St Martins/ Nottingham Trent University to study furniture and product design . This is where my love for upholstery and interiors originated. I was very fortunate to work within the upholstery industry for 13 years and design for John Lewis, Dfs, Laura Ashley, Made and Next. I would create designs from sketch and develop them into full scaled prototypes until we would see them into the retailers.


What inspired you to start the business?

 So basically I came to a point in my life where I never saw my children as I worked such long hours ( I have 2 little munchkins Oliver 8and Benjamin 5 ). But I have a huge love for design, interiors and being creative, which is a passion of mine. However one of the areas I wanted to focus on was working with the end consumer and seeing their reaction when I made something bespoke and unique for them . I missed seeing their faces!

When was the business founded?

I started the business on the 11th Nov 2017. A huge success has been personalising bespoke upholstery and ours doodles. We try and create something that is unique and made for you! I love to hand render upholstery and interiors to make customers visual there products and homes easier.

Who/what is your inspiration? 

One of my huge inspirations is Anthropologie. But my biggest love is botanicals and linking back to nature and the scandi clean lines with a homely soft interior.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

I am in love with Cordelia hearts, inside_no_8, life at number_63, aliceinscandiland, life at the living room, haushouse, Leanne.db 

Where are you based? Store (s) as well as online?

We are based in Farnsfield Nottinghamshire, yes I created our beautiful website Which I am really proud of. 


Who are the team behind B&W?

Becca – Owner and creator

Jennie – Buyer

Millie – Design assistant

What are your interests outside Interiors?

I adore being with my children and my husband. But one of my passions is that I wanted to nurture and develop up and coming talents so I teach at Nottingham Trent Uni teaching furniture and product design.

Expansion plans?

We are in our infancy at the moment but I want to have 5 stores in the future to inspire our customers . We are the designers, makers and dreamers for your home!

Becca 😊

I simply can’t wait to show you my beautiful new Black Rubber Mirror  (*gifted*) up & how it’s transformed a dark corner of our Blue entertaining room. 

You can visit the Bramley & White Insta Page by clicking here or click here to pop straight to the website. 

You can get 10% OFF the website (on orders over £50) using code ‘SPRING’ & bag yourself free delivery using ‘THANKS’. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Until next time, 

Lucy X 

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