Endo & Me…

I’d like to begin with a little disclaimer. I’m certainly no doctor or medical expert. I’m writing this blog post from the heart, from my experience as a female, wife, friend, Mother, Endo Warrior. 

Endo or it’s full correct name Endometriosis, pronounced ‘En – doe – me – tree – Osis’ is a long term condition where the lining of the womb is found outside of the womb, affecting those of child bearing age. 

You can find the symptoms by clicking Here

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‘Congratulations – Lucy you’re pregnant?’ No, No I’m not Josh. ‘I just look like it’ 😳. A recent conversation with a male family friend. The words every woman {who’s not heavily pregnant} dreads hearing! 

I won’t lie, I went home & cried a little after that. Who wouldn’t? I’d had my doubts about leaving the house anyway but knew it wouldn’t be fair to keep Alexander in doors on such a beautiful day. 

Looking back it all started when I was 15 years old. My best friend at the time called our landline phone to arrange a sleepover & I was doubled up in pain on a chair in the hall. My mum picked me up some pain relief & off I went bloated tummy & all – too embarrassed to wear my new fitted PJs in front of friends. 

Entering adulthood, the majority of my University years were spent in & out of hospital via & A&E & outpatient appointments for tests/scans/ops. 

Little did I know at the time I was battling with my Endo Demons. I was so young & felt so alone, worried. Did my friends think me a hypochondriac? What was wrong with me? What was causing this chronic pain? 

Why couldn’t I have the energy my friends did? Why couldn’t I wear the bodycon dresses my friends did? Why was my tummy bloated despite not having even eaten yet? 

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It’s been incorrectly diagnosed as a number of conditions over the years. IBS, Gluten ‘intolerance’, ‘heavy periods’. Each ‘investigation’ left me feeling more & more frustrated. As time went on I lost hope/just learned to live with it & the baggy clothes I needed to get me through. 

Me during a recent flare up. I’m a size 10. 

In January 2016 we found out we were expecting baby Alexander. Other than the usual morning nausea, tiredness and third trimester heartburn I felt great throughout pregnancy.  My OH joked that I was nicer pregnant than not! 

This was all apart from this one time my hubby attempted to pinch a McDonald’s Fry from the bottom of the drive thru bag. You do NOT take a pregnant lady’s food, I repeat! 

The PMT monster had evidently vanished! Where is my wife my OH would Day!! It was during this time my ‘Endo’ symptoms completely disappeared. 

Me on a ‘good day’. 

Alexander was born September 2016 & I decided to exclusively Breast Feed. I continued for 9m symptom free, the bloating had gone & I started to feel like a stronger, better version of me. That was soon to end. Within months of Alexander turning one, the symptoms came back, worse than ever. I had forgotten how painful it was & recall crying in pain whilst getting Alexander ready for bed one night. Luckily I had some old maternity clothes stored away to wear during this flare up but I felt scared – I was a mother now. What was this? 

The next day I woke up & booked an appointment to see my GP once again. I started to join the dots. The symptoms had eased during pregnancy. My mum had mentioned suffering from Endo in her youth. Was this hormonal? Was there a connection? 

 It was time to get some answers & I finally did. I pushed & pushed. 

You can read about diagnosis & treatments Here

I often wear ‘baggy’ clothes in case I’m having a ‘bad day’ . However at 5’1 this can often make me look heavier than I actually am & affect my confidence in another way. 

Smock dresses are not really the answer when you are naturally quite busty so I have to choose clothes wisely. 

The relief to finally have a diagnosis & have answers. To feel hopeful, feel more in control. 

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It took me over a decade to get a diagnosis. It takes the average woman 8/9 years. There is no cure. 

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So why am I sharing this with you? I’ve begun to share more with you as times gone on & if I’m showing you the good stuff I also want to you to see the not so good. To raise awareness – to let anyone suffering know they are not alone. Remember 1 in 10. 

My coping mechanisms include cardio 3/4 times a week, feminine heat patches available from most pharmacies & large Home Bargains stores, peppermint tea, hot soaks if all else fails there is always chocolate! 

It’s a case of reminding myself I’ve got this. A little self love goes a long way. 

Do you suffer or know anyone that does? 

Until next time, Love Lucy X 

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