A little Insta honesty…

Like most of us, I love Instagram,  I really do. It’s our own little corner of the internet. Whilst working in a super corporate environment in the day job it allows me to keep an online diary, be expressive, show my creative side. It has even opened doors I never knew could open and enabled little old me to make friends and connections all over the UK!

But this hasn’t always been the case….

My Instagram journey started off back in the Christmas of 2014. I started off posting Lifestyle content. Images I felt people wouldn’t care for on Facebook. From my dressing table, to afternoon tea shots to my cats – I posted it all! Strangers began following me & talking to me. They were actually interested in what I posted. I’d never experienced anything like it! My own little forum of like minded people, my escape from reality, my happy place.

Back in 2016, during a period in which I was just discovering who I was again after bringing my beautiful son into this world, I had a few negative experiences on here, and subsequently had my confidence knocked. It was partly following an open & honest post about breast feeding (now deleted) & withdrew any personal element. I hid behind my feed removing most pictures of Alexander and myself and started solely posting pictures/talking about the renovation of my house. I treated Instagram like Pinterest.

As time went on I came to realise the Interior community are just wonderful and my confidence slowly began to return.

I then began to meet Insta folk in real life – and the interior accounts enjoyed chatting about motherhood and fashion too! Well why wouldn’t they?! We are more than just our Insta feeds!

I soon began to miss the chats online with other accounts about lifestyle, motherhood. So I introduced these aspects to my social media account once again!

So there we have it ‘It’s Lucy’ – Jack of all trades, Master of None! And you know what?! I’ve never enjoyed Instagram more…..

This may come as a surprise to some of you but there are times on here I guess I feel like I don’t really fit in? I’m not a Motherhood blogger in the traditional sense, I don’t profess to be an interior designer or fashionista. I’m just a 31 year old Mum living in Merseyside sharing what I love.

The thing with this crazy social media phenomenon is, is that it’s new. We are all just figuring it out. Accounts that have traditionally claimed ‘face on the feed is a faux pas’ are now breaking the rules!

There are no hard and fast rules about what content you post.

Yes I love interior styling and Period houses! Always have done & always will do. I can’t wait to get stuck into our next renovation project – it’s a big one! 😳

However being totally honest, the accounts I enjoy following most are for the people not their bedroom décor or their new jumper! The ones that chat. The ones that share the good times & the bad. The ones that do good & encourage Insta reality! The ones that make me feel, normal, human!

Who Knows how long Instagram or even social media will be around. We just don’t know. But I do know one thing, I’m vowing never to waste precious time worrying about whether my roses are pink enough or whether my mama ramblings offend someone! Life is just too short! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder & you’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea.

Can you relate?

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read this post/ stuck around here!

Love Lucy X

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