Alton Towers with a Toddler

I used to live for our yearly school trip to Alton Towers Resort as a teenager. There is just something so magical about the place. The look on everyone’s faces, the sounds of laughter, the atmospheric music.

My husband & I joked that you know when you are in your 30’s when you actually begin to take in the history of the resort. The Tower remains, the gardens. So much more to appreciate as an adult!

Just look at that Virginia Creeper on Hex!

If arriving with littles I would recommend arriving just before the park opens (10am) to give you a chance to park up & walk or take the shuttle train to the entrance. You want to make the most of your day.

Upon arrival as toddler parents we were fast tracked to save waiting which was really good as he was a little fussy after the journey. I was impressed by the security at this stage too as you can never be too careful in this day and age. Our bags were all searched upon entering the park.

We found the staff there are just lovely & were always asking if they can help or checking we were enjoying our day.

We soon spotted the sign for CBeebies land and made are way over. There are a total of 14 rides within this section including the Furchester Hotel live show. There are on site facilities such as baby changing, eateries etc.

I was really impressed with the ‘built in activities’ such as puzzles and instruments within the queuing platform keeping toddlers entertained & providing entertainment every step of the way!

We met Ally’s heroes Iggle Piggle & Upsy Daisy within moments of entering the park. His eyes just lit up!

Naturally we headed straight over to the In the Night Garden Magical Boat Ride. It’s a gentle boat ride that takes you on a magical journey to see all of your favourite characters.

Next up was the Postman Pat Parcel Ride! Become part of Postman Par’s special delivery service. Two adults per car max. This one is more interactive & boast a steering wheel & buttons to press!

Even if your toddler is a confident walker/you baby wear I would recommend taking the buggy. Even if they aren’t a napper, the fresh air may knacker them out! You can also use it to store a blanket, snacks etc. There are buggy parks frequented around the park so didn’t feel like a hindrance!

Alton Towers doesn’t have to be expensive. Alton Towers 241 tickets can always be found on household packaging/so make sure you do your research beforehand . There is also a discount if you purchase a advance tickets.

You can take a picnic in as there are lots of benches. We took fruit sandwiches in & had a cheeky portion of chips on the side! I may have also indulged in a donut whist everyone was on wicker man – well why not!

To help beat the queues there is an App which tells you the queue times which is a massive help!

If you love rides & fancy a go on some yourself I would recommend going with another couple, so you can take turns babysitting whilst you tackle the thrillers!

My Ally is a dinky one (smaller than the average 2 year old) so he was quite restricted when it came to some rides ie The congo river rapids & Duel (you need to be 0.9 metres) however he still had the time of his life in Cbeebies!

You must check out the Wicker man. Someone needed to stay with Ally & even though I was desperate to go myself I took one for the team. Ha ha! The atmosphere was incredible. Special effects are just world class! Ally was napping so I enjoyed a donut & hot coffee on one of the benches.

Auntie Megan treated Ally to a monkey in one of the shops before heading home – really reasonably priced & a lovely reminder of his 2nd Birthday adventure.

All in all a wonderful day & I can’t wait to return next year!

As always thanks for reading.

Until next time, L X


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