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Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having a period home with a monochrome tiled hall floor, panelling up the stairs, a grand piano (I don’t play, just sing) and grand shutters in a bay window. True story! I grew up in a Victorian Semi in the outskirts of Liverpool but my Dad didn’t work when we were growing up due to health issues and my mum spent every last penny she had on school trips and making sure we went to our beloved weekly singing, dancing and acting lessons.

Now, I’m a grown up (with the sense of humour of a 12 year old and height of 5’1 – that’s my lot right ) and finally have the period house. I don’t foresee myself living in any other type, I’m kind of obsessed with that era and feel so lucky to wake up every morning in a piece of history (she is quite an old lady -1890 don’t you know). But seriously. The Victorian Era. The décor, the fashion, the industrial revolution. I digress.

Just before Christmas I was offered the chance to collaborate with the Shutter Store. I’d come across them before via my partner in Crime ( @littlehouseinlondon) and jumped at the chance! Stylish, durable AND affordable?

One of the down sides to living on a Tree lined road is the fact we have a huge Tree just outside the house, blocking out the light. Given this and the feature wall and alcove units are painted in Farrow and Ball Moles Breath (a dark grey) my slight concern was that shutters would make the room look darker/dingier. This is just not the case at all. Even when they are shut, because they are brilliant white and such a vast contrast from the Moles Breath paint, the floor boards and the chesterfield sofa, they actually make the room look brighter!

I close them fully in the evening and tend to have the top ones open of a morning to allow maximum light.

Ally can often be seen running around nappy free (much to my horror), and me in my dressing gown most mornings from 5.30am onwards (parent life eh). No one needs to see that! Given we are in a Terrace property we only have a small front garden, and you can see right in when walking past.

We had artificial snow spray in the windows last year during Christmas time and I didn’t want to take it down and have everyone walking past see in! Great in December but may raise an eyebrow or two mid-May…

After shopping around for shutters, I never thought we would find a suitable company until I started looking at DIY shutters.

By doing it yourself with the Shutter Store can save 40% off v. installed Shutters. No brainer – cut out the middle man/woman.

Now I want one in the bathroom and blue room too!

Now handing over to Rob, the property developer, DIY hubby and real talent behind the social media channel.

The most intimidating part of ordering DIY shutters is getting the sizing right in the first place – the last thing I wanted was to order custom built shutters only to find out they didn’t fit. So using the old philosophy of ‘measure twice, cut once’ I went ahead and measured about 5 times! [I subtracted about 5mm from my measurements to allow for some play]. After that it was really straightforward – the online forms were easy to complete, and it was followed up with a courtesy call from the store to talk through my order.

The shutters were delivered about 6 weeks later, and were absolutely effortless to build. For two of the 3 windows the sizing was perfect and they slotted straight in, for the third, the opening of the recess was narrower than at the window, so I had to shave a little plaster off to get it in – after a bit of toying around it then slid into place.

Overall, in terms of ease, if you can put together the simplest of Ikea furniture, you can install these shutters – it really is that easy. My top tip is just to ensure you have your measurements correct, and if in doubt knock a few mm off as this will be hidden when applying the finishing caulk after the shutters are installed.

[Tools required: Screwdriver, Drill and appropriate bit for wall plugs (you might need a hammer drill if drilling into masonry), Spirit Level, Rubber Mallet or a Hammer and something to cushion the impact, Pencil – That’s it!]

If you are still ‘umming and ahhing’ then why not order yourself a sample? The Shutter store are happy to provide up to 3 free samples..

I have a discount code ‘ITSLUCY10’ for 10% off which you can use until 31/03/2019! Excludes express shutters.

To shop click Here

Please note as above – this blog post is sponsored however I only work with brands I love & believe in & all views are my own as always.

Until next time,

Lucy X


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