How I hair

I’m 31 years young , with long blonde highlighted hair. I stay blonde despite its trials & tribulations because I’ve dabbled with other colours over the years (even dark brown) but always go back to my (not so blonde anymore) roots. Like most of us I was blonde as a child (before it turned all mousey) and my skin colour resembles Casper the friendly ghost. Staying fair means I can (hopefully) get away with wearing little make up and tan when needs be, which being honest is most days unless I am seeing friends/working. 



I refuse to go short at this stage because I can’t help but feel it would be higher maintenance for me personally (I only actually wash my hair once a week, washing my fringe every other day) throwing it up in a ponytail. It also ensures its not stripped of natural oils/I am not using heat as often. My hair is also my comfort blanket, and for me, cutting it short in my 30’s means in all liklihood there is no going back…..


As we age, and or give birth to children our hair changes. I’ve suffered from really bad postpartum hair loss & have a subsequent hair receding problem (thank goodness for fringes). I also have frizzy/wiry baby hair these days. My hairdresser also told me our hair changes every 7 years. 



I don’t colour my hair as much as I used to. A) I have had a couple of bad colour jobs (let’s just say you get what you pay for). B) I simply don’t have time to sit in a salon for 5 hours on a Saturday I want to be with Alex). Is ombre/balyage still in? I do hope so …..cos I got roots! 


Whilst I can’t reverse this there are things I do to try and improve the condition and overall appearance/condition of my locks.


I take vitamins – skin, hair and nails. I pick these up in Home Bargains for a couple of quid. Jam packed with Zinc, Copper, Vitamin E & C. Who knows if they actually *work* but can’t do any harm right?


One thing I’ve always struggled with is trying to create that ‘Ashy’ look & staying away from brassy yellow tones. I’ve discovered an amazing in between colours toner, and the great news is – it’s really reasonable & available at Amazon/most high street drug stores. It’s called Bblonde by Jerome Russell in Silver. I’ve linked it here.


I try to alternate Shampoos (& chuck the usual high street brands into the ASDA food shop). Then my mum told me to try her trusty favourite – cheap and cheerful Vosene! It left it feeling really clean and shiny. Who knew?



Conditioner wise, I try to leave this on ten mins in the shower or If I can overnight – even better. If I have time on my hands then I indulge in a coconut oil hair mask. This is literally just melting down oil and massaging into the hair running right through to the ends. Smells just divine too –just like being on holiday!


For tangles, I find nothing beats a tangle teaser and kids detangling spray! Again, I usually add this to the grocery shop.

For frizz control I swear by the Wow factor hair spray which first came across in the M&S summer beauty box last year. I’ve bought it ever since.



I try and have my hair cut at least every 2 months to get rid of any split ends and maintain that blunt look when styling it straight.


Investing in a decent hairdryer has also helped smooth the hair but I doubt I will ever achieve that salon smooth look at home. The Dyson Hair Wrap is the ultimate on my wish list (a girl can dream).

How do you do hair care? 


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Until next time, L X


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