AD | Chatty Life Update and my June with Very {paid partnership}

Hi guys, how are we all?


First of all I want to apologise…I am sorry my content has been a little bit all over the place these last few months . It’s been a tough little time (for various reasons) and I’ve had a bit of a creative block/stage fright about my little internet space. I won’t go into it all, but you know when everything goes wrong at once? My mojo is however, back & I’m feeling more ‘ME’ than ever!



If you have been following my stories you might have seen I have been doing ‘Couch – 5k’ with the hubby (running 3 times a week) & I am pleased to say I’m finally there! We are so lucky to live where we do (right near the river M). I never saw myself as a runner (kind of like the way I didn’t see myself as a blogger), and yet here I am! There are just SO many benefits to running. It really is my medicine. For body and soul. I think I’ve definitely been inspired by seeing other mum bloggers running!


Father’s day was a simple affair in our house. Unlike myself (any excuse for cake), the OH doesn’t like a big fuss! Hubs had a night off & went out with the lads the night prior. In his rather delicate state he rolled his eyes at my stocking filler novelty gifts (pic ‘n’ mix) knowing full well they were as much for my benefit, and a pair of tacky novelty ‘Daddy Shark’ socks! He loves that I am a wind–up merchant really! He was however thrilled with his nice pressies though . A 2 IN 1 Vacuum beard trimmer (to protect my poor rug in the hall landing) and some new trainers for the gym. It’ safe to say he does NOT share my passion for shopping. We then indulged in a carpet picnic of pizza 😊 in front of Toy Story 2!



Pluen Cottage has been a little bit of a sore subject and to cut a long story short we’ve had to source a whole new building team. Not ideal two thirds of the way in. Still, just a little set back & nothing worth having comes easy as they say.


From time to time, I like to implement change & reinvent myself I guess?! I’ve been on a massive clear out/cleaning mission. I’ve chucked lots of pre baby clothes & homeware accessories that just aren’t me anymore.


I love my little house & kitchen & I am so honestly so so grateful for our little home but I just felt the kitchen needed a little freshen up as the appliances date back to our Newcastle rental! The microwave was one I bought 5 years ago in the sale & I felt it really didn’t suit our kitchen – it had also seen better days inside. I took some advice Dee Campling gave me and stripped all of the accessories/appliances back and started again. I found this absolute beauty of a microwave for less than £50 – think she fits perfectly and is much better suited to our rather vintage/rustic style kitchen. Next is the Toaster & Kettle! So many nice ones on the market it’s going to be hard to choose!



The Hoover monster – I genuinely call it that – has been out daily. I’ve been using the Shark for over 18 months now & It’s just incredible. I’ve just noticed there is £100 off on Very so I’ve linked it here.



I’ve had a couple of really lovely girly dates this month too with my little sister and some blogger friends. Despite the sun not being able to make it’s mind up, plus its so humid, I just cant bring myself to wear jeans & I am really not a shorts or skirt person. Day to day I’ve been living in casual midi dresses and trainers or gym wear! For heading out and about I’ve been loving my jumpsuits. They are just so easy, downside of course being the old dignity in the public loo situation but I can live with that! 



A couple of the girls are pregnant at the moment so I’ve been browsing the world wide web and Pinterest for baby idea gifts for Mum & Baba! Bring on the baby showers – because who doesn’t love games & catch ups! My lovely friend Rach is having a boy and I’m so excited for her! 


We’ve also been playing in doors a lot more on the days when Alexander isn’t in nursery. I love watching him play, he never fails to amaze me! He loves Duplo & hours pass building and reconstructing railway stations and farms. I was chatting to a guy who works for Duplo and was explaining how Alex loves animals but I can’t seem to get hold of just figures that aren’t included in big sets. He told me about how lots of them are collectors items and only come out every few years – I’ve now popped a few sets on his birthday wish list for family & close friends. It makes sense to build on a range of toys than have multiple sets. The range at Very is amazing! Click here to check it out…



We went to see Toy Story 4 last week which was pretty epic! I cried! Go see it if you haven’t already!



I’ve also begun planning Alex’s 3rd Birthday party which isn’t until September but you can never to be organised can you? I’m booking a local children’s activity centre. I will also do a little afternoon party for family the day before. 


We had a Wedding last weekend and it was great to catch up with friends and have a bit of a date night with the hubby. Always nice to get glammed up isn’t it, makes a change from the mum pony (don’t do buns) & no make up!


I finally got my colour freshened up and opted for a golden ash blonde. 😊 I worked out I haven’t had full colour since before Christmas. Thank goodness for pretty accessories like this covering the roots, and distracting from the greys!



Had my dental consultation for veneers only to discover I need braces too! I’ve got a wonky front tooth & my bottom one’s need pushing out a little. So my top and bottom teeth need work and invilasign was suggested. Has anyone got an experiences of it/traditional fixed braces they can share? I’ve started whitening again in the mean time and for those who watch my stories, fear not the moulds are well & truly out of the paw reach of Belsa!


Safe to say this is all on hold for now whilst I mull it all over. 😊


Until next time,


Lucy xx


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