(AD) Chatty Life Update With Very

Hello my lovely readers.

I hope you are well?

Feels like I haven’t blogged in forever, oh that’s because I haven’t! Doh! Sometimes I have lots to say, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes you can’t shut me up. Sometimes I get stage fight and that’s likely when I go quiet.

Autumn is finally upon us. Find me a blogger that doesn’t say Autumn is their fave! Cosy knits, boots, golden crunchy leaves, pumpkins, seasonal coffees, autumnal treasure (the list could go on) – what’s not to love?

There is something I just adore about September though, that fresh start, ‘back to school’ feeling. Even more now than New Year for me, September makes me embrace change.

Dress is from very linked here

So, I am so excited that I have finally thrown myself back into my ultimate passion – singing. I have found the most amazing vocal tutor. He is so supportive & completely puts me at ease. I’ve been playing around with some musical stuff and Disney ballads – I’ve also got a slot to record some cover tracks so excited to share those with you soon! Still trying to figure out video editing so may be a while HA……………

Dress is linked here

We celebrated Alex’s 3rd birthday earlier in the month. This meant a lot of Sharks and a lot of Calories, naturally. Diet starts Monday eh?! 3 – how is my baby boy 3?! I guess that means he’s not a toddler now. He is an actual little boy.

I went on a lovely little day trip to London for a brand event and had a lovely coffee and diet coke catch up with my big sister from another mister – Amy at Little House in London.

Coat linked here, bag here, boots here.

Also celebrated my friend’s baby shower, so excited for her new arrival. Included a little treat for her too, – I love doing this for mum’s to be!

Work is well underway at Pluen Cottage. Heading over this weekend to check over progress and start to plan the décor now most of the structural stuff is complete. Eeek! It’s full speed ahead to get her Christmas ready.

It’s also Belsa’s birthday next week. There will be cans of tuna and dreamies – a plenty!

I’ve had this lingering cold type virus for weeks now (I blame the kids going back to school). Might go old school and have a hot toddy tonight whilst watching Hocus Pocus! Why not? Once I am feeling up to it, I need to get back into my running too.

Now, given it’s October today, that means Christmas is the month after next soooo….. off to look at Panto’s & browse Advent Calendars on Very! #sorrynotsorry

Love Lucy x


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