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Ad Revamp your bathroom on a budget with Matalan

Let’s rewind back to 3.5 years ago. My husband and a ‘very pregnant me’ were rushing to finish the house before the arrival of our precious bundle – baby Alexander. Whilst certain rooms could wait a little, having a finished bathroom was pretty much essential! 

Once we had completed the upstairs building work (we took footprint from the double size bedroom next-door to ensure we had space for a walk in shower and bath) we decided our only real requirements were a roll top bath and Victorian style tiles – a subway or metro tile for the walls/shower and an intriquite elegant floor tile. 

I wasn’t as bold with my colour choices back then, so we painted the bathroom using left over paint from the nursery (a very pale grey) and styled up with some accessories from our old house. I’ll be honest it felt quite underwhelming compared to other rooms like our hallway and bedroom but I was slightly pre occupied back then. 

Three years down the line, my styling mojo has returned I felt it was time for a bit of a bathroom makeover. It is after all a room we spend a lot of time in. Of course it serves its practical purpose as a bathroom but it’s is also a place of escape for me – my little sanctuary. It’s where I head to when I’ve had a bad day, when I’m feeling poorly with an endo flare up or I just need some ‘me time’. Any other parents ever just take 5 sat on the loo seat (lid down obvs) and just take a moment to breathe?

‘Great Ideas come from sitting on a toilet’….

Looking around the room (and delving into those built in cupboards) it became obvious I needed a seriously de clutter. Alex’s ‘non bath toys’ were returned to their toy boxes in his bedroom, duplicated products up to our en suite (where the under sink cabinet was empty), empty bottles/stuff we just don’t need were chucked or re homed.  

For those of you that have perhaps followed my little space of the internet for a while, you will know I am a huge lover of the colour pink. My husband, however is not. Understandable really and probably not the most surprising statement let’s be honest. Still, knowing my passion for it, we’ve learned to compromise, and with a little help from Matalan and a lick of paint I feel we’ve created a room that ticks both the masculine and feminine boxes.

Let me show you how you can really change the feel of a room by swapping/adding in some key accessories…..😊

Add Greenery, and lots of it. I just love this trend of bringing the outdoors in! The problem I personally face with our plant friends is that I’m pretty much a serial plant killer. By some miracle I have managed to keep a few succulents alive, but let’s end this on a high?! Sorry to all of the little green fellas that failed to make it. I’ll cut myself a little slack by saying like lots of us we lead super busy lives and spend lots of time over in Wales. Artificial all the way for me! I adore Monstera (cheese) plants but they aren’t the cheapest out there. This faux gets so many compliments and looks so realistic it even has the green fingered amongst us wondering!

Cheese Plant

Add ‘stand out accessories’, art, ornaments etc. I’ve had my eye on this cute little faux succulent pot for a while. She, (of course she’s a she) just makes me smile. I feel I may invest in another for the kitchen.

Smiling face potted plant

‘Wash your worries away…..’

‘Hey Handsome, don’t forget to put the seat down’…

Add a statement bath mat. Pattern on pattern, all day every day. I love mixing patterns and creating an eclectic warm happy vibe. I’m so happy with our new bath mat. It’s super soft on your feet yet super absorbent and non slip, and I move it between the shower and bath for Alexander who tries to escape the towel drying of the hair. Thinking back to my childhood, I don’t remember being a huge fan of this either! Ha! Unfortunately our kitty is a huge fan too and can often be found curling up here.

Geometric Bath Mat

These fluffy cotton towels are the perfect winter warmer. Super soft for drying off after a hot bath or shower. Why not pop them on the radiator whilst you shower to create some spa like Zen! They’ll impress guests too with their border stripe detail.

Geometric towel

Stripe border towel

So there you have it, my bathroom re vamp complete!

Why not check out Matalan’s additional bathroom homeware? They’ve everything from stylish soap dispensers to quirky shower curtains!

‘Happiness is, a long hot bubble bath’….

Until next time!

Lucy X 




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