AD|My January with Matalan and beating the winter Blues


I’m definitely a glass half full kind of gal but let’s be honest, January in particular can be quite a long dreary month for many.

There are actually biological reasons why people feel low and lack energy during the winter months – Low levels of sunlight, long nights and cold/wet weather just for starters!

For some reason, the world thinks now is the time to give the hearty meals a miss and put the board games away! I disagree! Let’s put the fun back into Winter!

Let’s ‘weather’ winter together! See what I did there eh?! Cheesey? Me? Never!

Here are my top ten tips for beating the winter blues.

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1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep! I know I am a 7 hours max person. Ditch your phone an hour or so before you go to bed and give yourself the chance to wind down and switch off. We’ve found routine (for us and Alex) Is key when it comes to sleep.

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2. Make the most of the daylight and blow those cobwebs away. Head out to the beach, forest or even the local park!  Wrap up warm and breathe in that cool fresh air. Why not take a flask of tea or soup with you to warm up when you’re out and about?

3. Make plans for later on in the year. A change of scenery does wonders! Retreating to the Welsh Coast boosts me instantly. I’ve just whatsapp’d the Uni girls to get a date/location in the diary for our yearly weekend away! Dublin anyone?!

4. If we feel a bit ‘meh’ this January then chances are others do too. See friends and family and socialise. Grab a cuppa together or make a home cooked meal or watch a film. It doesn’t have to be expensive!

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5. Morning exercise. I am not even going to humour you by pretending I’m always up for that 8am icy jog by the river but I am always so happy when I have done it! Those endorphins set me up for the day. If you don’t fancy this, why not check out a 15 minute yoga routine on YouTube?

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6. Make small changes to mix things up/break away from the monotony of January. I said on Instagram recently that I didn’t make New Years resolutions this year. I don’t think I believe in them and feel we don’t need to enter a ‘New Year’ to work on ourselves. Why not challenge yourself to make small and steady changes?  Swap that bowl of crisps and dip for grapes? Walk to the supermarket instead of driving? Try and make do/mend rather than splurging on new clothes.

7. Have a pamper evening. Get all the Christmas smellies out, stick on a hair mask and hop in the tub. Leave your phone behind you (once you’ve storied the dreamy set up of course jk).

8. Have a clear out! I started with a small declutter of Christmas decorations and it turned into this mass clear out!  Why not donate said goods to a charity shop of your choice?

9. Bring Fresh flowers, plants or foliage into your home. They don’t have to be fancy bouquets – daffodils are coming into season, lots of Supermarkets sell them at £1 a bunch! Alternatively style up some twigs in a vase.

10. Treat yourself to a good read/series. As some of you may know, we have just finished ‘Messiah’ on Netflix. SO good! I was Team Con Man until the last episode of the season. Please bring out a second series! Why not pop to your local library and see what they have to offer?


What do you to get the best out of winter and beat those blues?


Love Lucy X


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