AD | Hessian Warehouse to Holiday Cottage (with Stelrad)

Sometime during my office lunch break in 2018, I decided to take my monthly browse of Rightmove in a slightly different location : A small coastal village on the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, Northern Wales. Why I hear you ask? We have family just down the road so it’s a place we frequent. I associate it with all things happy – salty hair, sandy toes, ice cream & good fish and chips. Vitamin Sea is everything.  I also spent my childhood in the nearby Pwllheli Butlins, now Haven. It’s a pretty special place. If you’ve visited I bet ya bottom dollar you do too. 😊


I spotted something that I thought might just have potential – but it would be one heck of a challenge and definitely a bigger project we had taken on before. I discussed with my husband (who might I add is the brains behind the property development side /operations – he definitely should have been an architect too) and asked him if it was doable. Can we turn an old abandoned hessian sack/feather warehouse and turn into a beautiful holiday cottage? He took a look at the listing, made a call to our builder, and said yes I think it is. 😊 She was a blank canvass, a messy one, but we both believed in it, in our vision.


Once we got the keys, it wasn’t long until we started the design process. If there was one thing I was going to do differently to our Liverpool home it was the heating system.  On reflection, I feel we rushed parts of our own home.  Alexander was a baby, budget was quickly running out (the spontaneous loft conversion didn’t exactly help) and design wise – one of my biggest regrets is actually the radiators. Now whilst I adore my bespoke radiator cover in the hall (my bro in law made it) , in some parts of the house we purchased stock radiator covers from eBay.  They don’t quite fit properly and are propped up on wooden blocks. These take up a lot of living space, can become warped over time and end up as a dumping ground for mugs and small plastic dinosaurs.  When it comes to character in a house – radiators definitely matter! They are a functional and practical way to enhance the design/style of a room. Designer radiators are becoming more and more popular. They are plumbed in exactly the same way and can even replace your existing ones. This is something I plan to do in our own house later on down the line.  😊


I’d had my eye on Stelrad radiators for a while (it is possible to be in love with a radiator design – yes I think it is) and Stelrad were one of  ‘My House This Month’s sponsors back in the day! If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Stelrad is an iconic British based manufacturer of central heating radiators, arguably the most popular radiator in the UK!  They supply to both homeowners and professional and tradespeople too. They have a wide array of radiators to suit your style needs. You can go standard, super modern, column, designer. They also do towel rails and lots of accessories such as replacement parts, drying rails etc.  The website is more than  just an online shop, it even provides how–to’s and tutorials.


We can reasonably assume that most radiators are fit for purpose – i.e. if we buy the right sized radiator with the right BTU output, it will do the job required of it. So if we do assume that the radiator being fit for purpose is fairly given, then it becomes all about two things… price and style!


In Pluen Cottage we’ve opted for a mixture of Vita Column radiators in the upstairs open plan living space, downstairs hall and the bedrooms. Luckily this design comes in a variety of widths, heights, column options and BTU outputs – this means you can carry a consistent design throughout your house and the individual needs of each room.

The above picture shows the plans my husband drew with the radiator locations and BTU requirements for each room based on dimensions and features such as windows and doors.

We’ve stayed over at the cottage a few times now so finally  got to put the heating to the test! I couldn’t believe how quickly the place warmed up! Especially, the big open plan space upstairs! Just a few weeks back I had been shivering inside, wearing my big winter coat. My husband has always said this property has been empty so long it was cold through to its bones, but we are confident our radiator system will have it warmed up in no time.


Not long until we’ve finished styling up Pluen Cottage and are onto our next project and we’ll definitely be thinking of Stelrad. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the finished rooms.


If you are in the market for radiators – definitely check Stelrad out.


This post is sponsored however as always I only ever work with brands I love.


Until next time,


Lucy x


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