10 Signs you are an Instagram addict 

You tell EVERYONE how Inferior every other social networking site is. What even is Facebook?  You take every photo in square crop format just in case - easy IG uploading 🤗 You have a phone full of duplicate photos of things like your bath tub/cups of tea & dread loosing your phone/anyone looking through your… Continue reading 10 Signs you are an Instagram addict 

Interior Styling

Interior Styling with Scandinavian Posters 

Over the years my personal taste seems to have evolved into a mixture of vintage, scandi & boho, with a feminine twist. I'm a sucker for British period homes with original/restored features.  During the renovation of our home, I've enjoyed sourcing homeware from vintage markets, supermarkets & online retailers. Long gone are the days when… Continue reading Interior Styling with Scandinavian Posters